Passing the baton: a blog hops to Yvette Walker and Alex Landragin

Thanks so much to Yvette Walker – author of the utterly gorgeous, if you haven’t read it yet you should really get on with it ‘Letters to the End of Love’ – for joining in the ‘Writing process blog hop’.

You can read her entry at her Facebook page. Here’s a taster:

Every writer has different strengths and weaknesses. I am led by my characters who wander in like Ulysses, fresh from adventures unknown with stories to tell (which they don’t give up easily) and I’m grateful that they lead the way because I loathe a novel with underwritten characters and a plot straight out of a cereal packet. At some point in my hard slog working on my six major characters, it became clear I couldn’t avoid it any longer – I needed a plot.

Thank you also to the prolific Alex Landragin, author of the Daily Fiction Project, who is now writing a commercial masterpiece in the libraries of Paris. His entry is here. He says:

 I want to create a jigsaw puzzle plot using an assortment of genres that are rarely combined in this particular way, because what I want to write isn’t so much fine writing as it is a mind-altering substance.

And thanks again to Annabel Smith for hooking us all into this process.


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