What do you read when you’re all alone?

Hey there. I’m writing a pretty ridiculous article about toilet reading habits, and thought I’d introduce some scienciness by collecting responses to an entirely unscientific survey titled ‘what do you read in the toilet?’. This survey is, like, totes anonymous: I will not have even the vaguest idea who you are. So go on, fill it in, even if you don’t read in the toilet at all.

8 thoughts on “What do you read when you’re all alone?

  1. A serious (semi-serious survey) Jane? If so, you might want to check the link as I’ve tried it twice and the link failed. I got an error message. Not that I read in the toilet of course!

  2. Oh how annoying! It’s still working for me. Will try to figure it out. I’ll put you down as a ‘I would never read in the toilet!’. (It’s only semi-serious, but I am writing an article on the topic and was curious to know others’ thoughts.)

  3. Ah, with that information I thought I’d check it in Firefox. It worked there – clearly a disconnect with Safari which is my browser. I had a look and can’t really answer it! I have in the past read in the toilet but not, since I had kids! I think motherhood taught me to get through tasks like that quickly!! (You can read in that what you will but the point is that I never really hang around enough to find time to read. When I did – back in the distant past – it was mostly magazines.)

  4. Haha! I’m a little bit highbrow in the loo – I sometimes keep my copy of The Paris Review in there. More often though, I check Twitter. And I even tweet from the loo which is pretty gross when you think about it. Imagine if there was an app that revealed where people were and what they were doing while they wrote a tweet – it might change the tone of the tweet somewhat! If I’m reading an amazing novel I’ll take it with me to the loo, just for some peace and quiet!

  5. At the moment it is the Female Eunuch, it was Margaret Atwood a few years ago.

    My former flatmate claims it is a disgusting habit (reading in the loo, not reading somewhat feminist books)

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