Talking sci-fi, on a stage

Remember that time I declared Max Barry was ‘not a genius‘? No? Luckily neither does he, as I will be appearing on a panel with him and other actual writers of speculative fiction – Lucy Sussex and Andrew Macrae – at the Wheeler Centre on 27 October. We’re going to be talking about Australian science fiction: is it any different to that other kind of science fiction? Are there some things Australian sci-fi authors are uniquely placed to write about? 

If you’re in Melbourne (or enjoy pointless travel), why not come along? 



6 thoughts on “Talking sci-fi, on a stage

  1. Haha, Jane – but you did say it was a great read! I’ve never read Barry and in fact hadn’t heard of him until early in my blog when I posted a short list of Aussie writers to read and asked respondents for their favourite Aussie writers. An American blogger (though English born I think), named Max Barry. I was gob-smacked – not that he was named but that someone named an author I had never heard of! I’ve since bought him for my husband to read – one book anyhow – but haven’t read it myself (yet).

    Anyhow, enjoy your panel. Wish I were in Melbourne.

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