Want a free book?

I have a lot of books I’ve read and will never read again, or I thought I was going to read but still haven’t got around to. Would you like one of them? Here’s the deal. If you want one of the books below, let me know in the comments (first in best etc), and I’ll post it to you, no charge. The catch: some time in the next six months you have to buy and read one book published by a small Australian press. When you’ve done it, let me know (if I haven’t heard from you by June 2015, I’m coming around to your postal address for a chat).

The pictures are from websites: I’m too lazy to photograph the covers myself, and they may look different when they show up at your house. Condition is anywhere from well-read to really rather well-read.

Lexicon: A Novel1. Lexicon, by Max Barry. Blurb etc is here. SOLD

Tipping the Velvet2. Tipping the velvet, by Sarah Waters. Blurb is hereSOLD

Taipei3. Taipei, by Tao Lin (this one is signed and dedicated to me; handy if you need a Christmas present for someone called ‘Jane’). Blurb is here. SOLD

My Biggest Lie 4. My biggest lie, by Luke Brown. Blurb is here.

Every Day is for the Thief 5. Every day is for the thief, by Teju Cole. Blurb is hereSOLD

The Brooklyn Follies6. The Brooklyn Folllies, by Paul Auster. Blurb is hereSOLD

The Stories of John Cheever 7. The stories of John Cheever. Blurb is hereSOLD

England and Other Stories 8. England and other stories, by Graham Swift. Blurb is here.

The Winter Vault 9. The winter vault, by Anne Michaels. Blurb is hereSOLD

A Woman Of The Future 10. A woman of the future, by David Ireland. Blurb is here.

OK, go for it. Whatever’s still left by mid-December is going to the op shop. Oh and if you’re wondering what constitutes a small press, there’s a list here, though I’ll also accept purchases from 12th Planet Press, Ticonderoga, Satalyte and all those other little spec fic presses who aren’t SPN members.


20 thoughts on “Want a free book?

  1. Thanks for the offer Jane. I don’t need another book (I’m sure I have one around here somewhere) but I love the concept. I’m also a fan of small presses (I joined one once but it grew) so I don’t need an incentive there. Segue to congratulations on the your award – hope it pays off in sales. Nice to know your time in San Francisco bore fruit.

  2. I also have a Teju Cole book I haven’t got around to reading. I can’t believe you haven’t read Lexicon though! That book was SOOOOO awesome. It was glued to my hands. This is a lovely idea, Jane; I love your generosity.

  3. Hello Jane, My name is Christine, but I don’t mind being ‘Jane’ for the duration of reading “Taipei’ by Tao Lin. I have read about it but never got a chance to really read it — you see, I am from Taipei, Taiwan, too! But most importantly, this idea of yours is fascinating. I would like to help supporting small presses as much as I could, including helping to promote their titles to the Chinese world. Thanks, Christine Sun, eBook Dynasty.

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