A happy panel

happy panelI just wanted to share this lovely picture from our ‘Bringing the Outside Inside’ panel about nature writing and the environment, held at Williamtown Literary Festival on the weekend. Willy Lit Fest is a real treat and we (me, Harry Saddler, Claire Dunn and Michael Green) had a great time talking about whether writing can save the world and how humans can remind ourselves we’re still wild.


5 thoughts on “A happy panel

    1. If only I could remember what happened! I was the moderator and terribly worried about running a bad panel. The moment it was over I was filled with relief and forgot the whole thing ever happened.

      1. Fair enough. Of course, as the moderator you couldn’t really take notes, and I’m rather glad to hear that you don’t remember details after such an event like I don’t. Except you have a good excuse!

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