2016 Snapshot: Jane Rawson

Thanks so much to the Spec Fic Snapshotters and to David McDonald in particular for including me in this year’s lineup: I’m flattered!

Australian SF Snapshot Project

Interview by David McDonald.

wingsJane Rawson is the author of the novel, A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists (2013 Transit Lounge), which won the Small Press Network’s 2014 ‘Most Underrated Book’ Award, and co-author of The Handbook: surviving and living with climate change (2015 Transit Lounge), a practical, personal guide to life in a climate-changed Australia. Her novella, Formaldehyde (2015 Seizure), won the Seizure Viva La Novella Prize. Her short fiction has been published by Sleepers, Overland, Tincture, Seizure, Review of Australian Fiction and SlinkChunkPress.

You’re someone who seems comfortable moving between the worlds of literary and genre fiction, with stories that combine a number of styles, and awards and other recognition across different fields. Did you start trying to write certain types of stories and find different elements creeping in, or has this blend always been there?

I have always just wanted to…

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