Some From the Wreck media

I’m just going to put these here so I can find them later….

Over the past couple of weeks, From the wreck has been reviewed in:

  • Australian Book Review – Fiona Wright said it was ‘a deeply ecological novel…fascinating for its hybridity, its willingness to bend and blend genres – as well as perspectives and worlds. Animated by deep curiosity and wild imagination, it is a fascinating exploration of what these might bring to the stories we tell about the past.’ I’ve added a grubby scan that you can enlarge and read should you wish to know more: ABR review: ‘Shards and vivid angles’
  • The Lifted Brow – Doug Wallen said ‘Despite its period setting, From the Wreck is as an evergreen fable about self-inflicted suffering, whether through guilt or other ways of torturing ourselves. The book may divide its focus quite a bit, and could certainly have been fleshed out more in several facets, but Rawson handles this unusual mix of atmospheric history and hungrily curious sci-fi with a steady hand. Even her most offbeat rich language is employed in the trusted service of the fraught emotional territory in which she’s so interested and so invested’: The Lifted Brow review – ‘We found a billion realities’.

I also had a chat with Michael Cathcart at ABC Radio National’s ‘Books and Arts’. Along with Elizabeth Tan (author of Rubik) and Patrick Lenton (author of A man made entirely of bats) we tried to figure out what weird fiction is – is it even a thing?

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