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EOFY reading report

eofyEOFY. What a ridiculous acronym. I reckon I saw it around for at least two years before I figured out what it actually stood for. Anyway, happy new year financial planners and accountants: let’s tell the story of my reading so far this year IN NUMBERS!

  • Books started: 55
  • Books finished: 47
  • Books given up on: 3
  • Books I still intend to finish: 5
  • Female authors: 24
  • Male authors: 31 (I usually read a lot more women than men – not sure what’s going on this year)
  • Authors of colour: 12
  • Books came from: secondhand bookshop 4; gifts 10 (thank you Facebook book pyramid scheme); library 11; Amazon & Booktopia 9 (including 4 Kindle); indie bookshops and publishers 15; borrowed from friends 3
  • Authors were from: Latin America 4; Eastern Europe 2; Middle East 1; Australia 20; US & Canada 14; Britain 6; Ireland 5; East Asia 4; South Asia 2; New Zealand 2. (Can anyone recommend any authors from Ethiopia, Somalia or Sudan?)
  • 22 books were published in 2017; 15 were published in 2016; 6 were published in 2015; 9 between 2000 & 2014; 2 in the 1990s and 1 in 1953.
  • I loved 19 books.
  • I liked 23.
  • I didn’t like 7 (I’m looking at you, ‘A little life’.)
  • Six books were translated; two were books of short stories; five were novellas; nine were non-fiction and one was poetry.

My favourite books so far this year have been La Rose by Louise Erdrich, Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders (what a surprise), Universal Harvester by John Darnielle, Psynode by Marlee Jane Ward, Rubik by Elizabeth Tan and Carrion Colony by Richard King.





12 thoughts on “EOFY reading report

  1. It is a weird acronym, I agree.

    Enjoyed your EOFY recap, Jane. Nice change from and EOCY one! I haven’t heard of most of your top books which is embarrassing. Makes my reading feel very staid. I do though, want to read more Erdrich, and have had one in my TBR for the longest time.

  2. I always assumed that EOFY was the name of one of the lesser known characters in Lord of the Rings who liked to buy a lot of stationery in June.

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