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10 terrifying questions

Hello! Here’s an interview I did with Booktopia a while back, and which they’ve just published. They asked good questions.

In writing news, I think I’ve just finished the first draft of something new. You’re probably not supposed to say that; I’ve doubtless cursed myself now. Anyway, I’m excited about doing draft two.

In reading news, 2016 has been superb. Have you heard about that Elena Ferrante? Holy cow, those books are good. I have one left to read. And I also read Ali Smith’s How to be both and it’s my favourite thing in a long time.I just went and bought a copy at Readings St Kilda so I can read it over to try to figure out how she does what she does.

And in unrelated news, I saw the Flaming Lips last night and that reminded me how much I would like the things I write to be like the songs they make. I have no idea how to do that.