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Late for International Women’s Day

… and lacking even my usual minor attempts at layout and panache, this is my list of the best feminist books I’ve read since last International Women’s Day. Links are to reviews that go some way to talking about why I’ve chosen the books I’ve … Continue reading Late for International Women’s Day


Adelaide, Newcastle and England on the internet

I’m doing a few festival appearances over the next few months. First up: Adelaide Writers Week (which is next week):

Newcastle Writers Festival is on 6-8 April and I’m doing a couple of sessions on the Saturday:

Meanwhile, I was utterly delighted to get a six-star (out of five) rating from UK book blogger Simon Savidge. You can watch Simon talk about From the Wreck, and about how he wants to read more Australian authors (send him your books, fellow writers).






My year in books, even less rigorously graphed than usual

  ‘Get a hobby.’ The ‘will finish’ books are I contain multitudes by Ed Yong, about bacteria (it’s FASCINATING) and Secondhand time by Svetlana Alexievich, an oral history of the breakdown of the Soviet Union which is, huh, I don’t have a word for it. … Continue reading My year in books, even less rigorously graphed than usual


The best books

I’ve read about 100 books this year and these were the ones I liked best. Links are, where possible, to libraries where you can borrow the book (because library books are free to you but the authors still get paid). Books in bold were published … Continue reading The best books


Talking to Tom Keneally

A couple of weeks ago I went to Sydney, partly to do a talk about From the Wreck at the Thomas Keneally Centre. The Centre, at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, is a wonderful little retreat from the lunacy of the Sydney CBD, and they’re perfectly happy for you to pop in and browse Tom’s library, or just hang out quietly on the couches. They also host regular lunchtime talks with authors. If the line for a slice of Black Star strawberry watermelon cake is just too long at Kinokuniya Books, maybe go hang out at the TKC instead?

Tom was in residence on the day I visited. He’s so great! If you run into him at an event or the shops or whatever, have a chat with him. He’s a really good bloke. His daughter and fellow-novelist Meg was also there, and she’s great too! She teaches SCUBA and she has seen lots of octopuses and we talked a lot about octopuses.

Anyway, their volunteer video bloke, Phil, thought it would be a good idea if Tom interviewed me on camera for a few minutes after my talk. He asked me the best questions. Here it is:


August & September appearances

I’m doing a few appearances in NSW and the NSW-enclave of Canberra, as well as in Melbourne, over the next month or so.

  • Canberra Writers Festival – Saturday 26 August You’ll never guess who I’m appearing with at Canberra Writers Festival… James Bradley and I will be talking with Dr Martha Sear, Head Curator at the National Museum, about writing in the age of humans. “Human beings are changing our environment on a global scale. How can writing help us imagine, and influence, our impact on the future?” Book tickets here.
  • Melbourne Writers Festival – Saturday 2 September Sally Abbott and I will be chatting about awful imaginary Australia, in this session on dystopian fiction. It’s free, and there’s more info here.


  • Tom Keneally Centre, Sydney – Tuesday 26 September I’ll be doing a lunchtime session about From the Wreck, “an engaging talk about writing family history, and why speculative fiction might be the best way to tell a factual story”. It’s free, but they would like you to book.
  • Newtown Library – Tuesday 26 September Newtown Library, the City of Sydney and Better Read than Dead bookshop are running a series of panels on current issues called ‘Speak your mind’. I’ll be chairing this panel on climate change, featuring shadow Minister for Climate Change Mark Butler, and novellists Harriet McKnight and Daniel Findlay. Tickets are free and you can get one here.

A short story, Melbourne Writers Festival & Varuna

I have a new story in Review of Australian Fiction. It’s called Amy’s twin and it’s a kind of prequel to my novella, Formaldehyde. Review of Australian Fiction publishes two stories every two weeks in e-book form. My story is paired with Wayne Marshall’s The Magicians, which is a … Continue reading A short story, Melbourne Writers Festival & Varuna