Jane Rawson is the author of a novel, A wrong turn at the Office of Unmade Lists, a novella, Formaldehyde, and the non-fiction book The Handbook: surviving & living with climate change. Her second novel, From the wreck, will be out with Transit Lounge in early 2017.

I grew up in Canberra and then spent quite a few years dawdling around the streets of San Francisco, Prague and Phnom Penh. These days I live in Melbourne’s west. Formerly editor of the environment and energy section of The Conversation, an independent news website, I now write about heifers, persimmons and hoverboards for a bureaucracy. I like cats, quiet, minimal capitalisation, and finding out that everything is going to be OK.

This site includes more information about my books, as well as an (infrequently updated) blog that is mostly about reading and writing. For my olden-days jokes about travel, please see Ointment for Itchy Feet. On twitter I go by @frippet.


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